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World Water Alliance of Florida

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, May 19, 2016, 4:30PM - Don Maurer Classic Putting Tournament at the World Golf Village 18-hole Putting Course in Jacksonville, Florida. Proceeds will benefit FSAWWA - Water For People. For more information - CLICK HERE.
  • Saturday, June 4, 2016, 6:30AM to 4:00PM - Region II 13th Annual Day of Fishing at the Mayport Princess, Monty's Marina/Sun Cruise Casino Deck to benefit Water For People. For more information - CLICK HERE.

  • Thursday, July 28, 2016, 6:00PM to 9:30PM - 2016 Wine For Us Fundraising Event at the Orlando Science Center in Orlando Florida. For more information - CLICK HERE.


FSAWWA is one of four water organizations that formed a charity donor group in 2006 called Florida’s Water Associations (FWA). The other organizations are FWEA, FRWA and FW&PCOA. The primary mission of FWA has been and continues to be raising funds to support Water for People programs in developing countries. In 2006 and 2007, FWA raised $141,000 to support Water for People projects in Honduras of which $105,000 was FSAWWA’s contribution. It is proposed that existing fund raising activities for Water For People will continue to be strengthened and expanded at all levels of FSAWWA.

The FSAWWA Water For People committee is leading the effort to create an additional program outside Water For People formerly called Florida’s Water Lifeline now known as World Water Alliance of Florida which would be managed by FWA. The purpose of World Water Alliance of Florida is to participate in worthy water and sanitation programs in developing countries through matching funds with Florida’s Rotary Clubs and other partners. This new mission meets the desires of many FSAWWA members and Florida’s university students to participate in activities outside of Water for People program areas and to become more involved in developing, executing and monitoring water and sanitation projects in developing countries, including education and training. This type of hands on participation is not available through Water for People. Also, Water For People is no longer actively seeking Rotary participation and funding and, to our knowledge, they have never been associated with Engineers Without Borders. World Water Alliance of Florida is not restricted to the geographic areas served by Water for People.

FSAWWA through FWA’s World Water Alliance of Florida would provide funding to U.S. charitable organizations that build water and sanitation projects. Matching funds would come from other NGOs, Rotary International and Florida’s Rotary Clubs. The funding would only be used for water and sanitation projects. In 2008 and 2009, Florida’s Water Associations would like to start funding water and sanitation projects implemented by Engineers Without Borders in addition to other partners. Matching funding will come from Florida’s Rotary Clubs which have already raised $20,000 to support this effort.

We have identified several worthy projects but have not yet finalized the selection of a project that FSAWWA would fund through Engineers Without Borders. In 2008, three projects were identified but have not yet been funded. They are:


El Adelanto II, Guatemala — Pump, tank, and distribution system with Florida’s Rotary Clubs 


Sacbolchol, Guatemala – Pump, tank, and distribution system with Wisconsin Water for the World and Florida’s Rotary clubs; and


Chiapas, Mexico – four wells with Florida’s Rotary Clubs.

In 2007, FWA teamed with the Wisconsin Water for the World Committee (WWWC) to finance a water project in El Adelanto, Guatemala, called El Adelanto I. FWEA provided $10,000 which was matched with $12,000 from Rotary Clubs in Jacksonville. The project was completed this year and WWWC has done an excellent job in providing project documentation to FWA through status reports and financial accounting. A Florida team visited this completed project on June 8, 2008. This team consisted of Don Maurer, CDM and FWEA; Scott Kelly, JEA; Pat Davis, Hazen and Sawyer; Richard Walker, South Florida Water Management District, and, on behalf of Florida’s Rotary Clubs, James Chansler, JEA. They confirmed that this water project now provides clean and reliable water to 41 families. However, 500 more families in El Adelanto need clean water. 


To learn more about World Water Alliance - click here



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