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Awards/Scholarships - Awards Competitive - Water Distribution System Awards (2010)
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Water Distribution System Awards

2010 Winners

Division 1 Ozello Water Association
Division 2 City of Marco Island
Division 3 City of Leesburg
Division 4 Town of Jupiter Utilities
Division 5 City of Palm Bay Utilities Department
Division 6 Collier County Water – Sewer District
Division 7 Charlotte County Utilities
Division 8 Orange County Utilities

2010 Winners

Division 1 Winner - Ozello Water Association

Division 3 Winner - City of Leesburg

Division 5 Winner -  City of Palm Bay Utilities
(photo taken 3/3/11)

Division 7 Winner - Charlotte County Utilities
(photo taken 1/11/11)

2009 Winners 

Division I Winner - Ozello Water Association

Division II Winner - Bay County Utilities
(photo taken 1/19/10)
 Division III Winner - City of Tarpon Springs  
Division IV Winner - Bonita Springs Utilities
(photo taken 2/16/10)
Division V Winner - City of Ft. Lauderdale
(photo taken 3/16/10)
Division VII Winner - St. Petersburg Utilities
(photo taken 3/11/10)  
Division VIII Winner - City of Tampa Utilities
(photo to be posted after formal presentation)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has FSAWWA been giving out this award?
This award has been given out since 1997.

Who selects the recipient?
A committee under the Manufacturers/Associates Council selects the recipients.

When are the distribution award winners announced?
The results are announced at our Fall Conference Awards Luncheon. The FSAWWA Chair also presented the 2008 and 2009 awards at each recipient’s Council or Commission Meetings.

How many recipients are selected per year?
We select a maximum of six recipients per year if the applicants are worthy (only one per division).The recipient must be a member of FSAWWA (either as an individual or the organization).

How many (public & private) utilities are there in Florida?
There are a total of 547 utilities in Florida based on a 2008 report from the FDEP. Only 174 of those have greater than 5,000 connections.

What is a Utility?
A Utility Member of the FSAWWA is defined as one of the following:

  • Small Water System - A water system that supplies 5,000 or fewer customer service connections.

  • Water Supplier - A water supply organization that continuously supplies water to the public, with greater than 5,000 customer service connections.

  • Wastewater System - A wastewater treatment organization with any number of sewage collection taps.

  • Water Wholesaler - A water supply organization that provides water to other utilities or organizations at wholesale. Water wholesalers may deduct the water supplied to other AWWA utility members when determining dues.

  • Contract Operations Firm - An organization contracted to operate and/or maintain a water supply system or water wholesaler. Dues are calculated in the same manner as a water supplier or wholesaler. Contract operations firms may also be eligible for Service Provider Membership.

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