About FSAWWA - Mission and Goals
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Strategic Plan


A Better Florida through Better Water


Uniting the water community to effectively manage WATER, the world’s most important resource.

Core Principles

  • Protect Public Health

  • Safeguard the Environment

  • Pursue Excellence

  • Act with Integrity
  • Provide Value
  • Foster Diversity and Inclusion



Membership Engagement and Development – FSAWWA will be the association of choice for water utilities, professionals, and organizations.


  • Develop section membership action plan

  • Communicate the value of FSAWWA membership to all

  • Revisit membership pricing and benefits

  • Retain and grow membership



Knowledge Creation and Exchange FSAWWA will be the authoritative resource on water in the state.


  • Enhance training methods

  • Mentoring & Outreach

  • Update website

  • Training materials

  • Sponsoring research that leads to safe water

  • Regional and HQ Interactions to share programs and events



Water Policy and Leadership – FSAWWA will be recognized as the valued and credible voice for water.


  • Enhance media understanding and trust of FSAWWA

  • Enhance credibility with decision makers

  • Regulatory influence

  • Advertising skills (experts, technical, certificates, training, etc.)

  • Communicate on-going efforts to achieve goals, objectives, and tasks.

  • Commit to professionally produced media Information (increase public understanding of water issues)



Member and Community Service – FSAWWA will effectively and efficiently use its resources to serve its members and the water community


  • Member and community service

  • Enhance business relationship between the association and FSAWWA

  • Align FSAWWA products with what our members need

  • Use technology for members to communicate

  • Enhance communication/recognition of the value of fundraising and community support