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Florida 2030 Task Force

Chair, Florida 2030

  • Jacqueline Torbert, Orange County Utiltities

Past Chair, Florida 2030

  • Chuck Carden, Tampa Bay Water (2008-2011)

Chairs, Florida 2030 Committees

  • Climate Change: Frederick Bloetscher, Ph.D, Florida Atlantic University
  • Water Resources Management: Hal Wilkening, P.E., SJRWMD
  • Surface Water: Patrick Lehman, Peace River / Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority
  • Desalination: Vacant
  • Water Conservation: Bruce Adams, EMC Engineers
  • Reclaimed Water: Bevin Beaudet, P.E., Palm Beach County
  • Governance/Funding: Vacant
  • Utilities WMD FDEP Partnership: Kenneth R. Herd, P.E., SWFWMD
  • Water Allocation and Transfer: Brian Wheeler, P.E., Toho Water Authority

Florida 2030 Steering Committee

Standing Members:

  • Rob Teegarden, Orlando Utilities Commission
  • Rick Ratcliffe, American Flow Control (Chair, 2012)
  • Matt Alvarez, P.E., CH2M HILL (Past Chair, 2008)
  • Ana Maria Gonzalez, P.E., Hazen and Sawyer (Past Chair, 2009)
  • Richard Anderson, PRMRWSA (Past Chair, 2011)
  • Kirby Green, SJRWMD
  • Janet Llewellyn, FDEP

Representative Members:

  • Utility Council Chair, Patrick Lehman, PRMRWSA
  • Governmental Relations Consultant, TBA
  • Technical and Education Chair, Rob Denis, Liquid Solutions
  • Florida Water Environment Association,
  • Public Affairs Council Chair, Greg Taylor, CDM
  • Treasurer, Grace Johns, Hazen and Sawyer
  • Administrative Council Chair, Bob Cushing, Carollo Engineers
  • Manufacturers/Associates Council Chair, Kim Kowalski, Wager Company of Florida

Chair, Florida 2030 Third Party Review

  • Wendy D. Graham, Ph.D, Director, University of Florida Water Institute


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