Volunteer Resources - Event Guidelines
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Event Guidelines

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”


3 to 6 months Choose date & location
Prepare event budget (see Sample)
Prepare draft agenda
Determine list of potential speakers
Design draft flyer
Notify Training Coordinator – for inclusion in advertising and calendar of events if training event

2 to 3 months Arrange for Sponsors
Finalize Speakers
Finalize location
Blast email to Headquarters for distribution
Send packet for CEU/PDH approval to Training Coordinator
Update flyer – and use correct registration form
Choose Catering
Make arrangements for equipment
(Laptop, projectors, Screen, speaker phone, Internet Connection)

1 month Confirm speakers
(Presentations, handouts, bios)
Confirm location
Make menus selections
Confirm equipment
Get sponsor logos

2 weeks Get speaker presentations
Compile handouts

1 week Make copies
Finalize catering (allow for walk-ins and no shows)
Prepare for registration table
Print sign in sheets for CEUs/PDHs
Print Registration forms for walk-ins
Print Receipts that you can fill in
Have pens, stapler, paperclips, tape and rubberbands

Post event Complete TFER and mail with Checks and Charges to Headquarters
Email Training Coordinator sign-in sheet


Most utilities and consulting firms have a training or conference room that will be suitable for events these rooms are free.

In the event that you have to pay for a facility, check the following before confirming (insurance, catering requirements and room fees) Remember these items when you are budgeting and pricing your event.

ALWAYS have member and nonmember pricing
Pricing reflects the value of FSAWWA

Sponsors $150 - $300
Depending on expected attendance and the length of the event

½ Day event with no food $65/$90

½ Day with continental breakfast $75/$100

½ Day event with Lunch $85/$110

Full Day no food $95/$120

Full Day with Lunch $115/$145


• 1 gallon of Coffee serves 12 individuals
• When ordering continental breakfast 1 bagel serves 1.5
• NEVER order bottle water


Packet for approval
? Contact hours
? Speakers and topics
? Speaker resume/bio
? Date and location of event

Sign in sheet that includes printed name, address, license number and type (see sample)