2018 Fall Conference - Wednesday Sessions
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Wednesday Sessions:




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Potable Reuse - Becoming a Reality for Florida?

GIS and Computer Operations to Help Manage the System


Water Quality

Water Conservation Symposium

Paul Chadik, Ph.D., P.E

Shawn Jones

Jay Madigan
Deirdre Irwin
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0.3 CEU, 3.0 PDH
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Partin B St. Cloud B
Partin A St. Cloud A


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Investigating the Feasibility of Indirect Potable Reuse as Part of a Diverse Water Supply Strategy
Kevin Felblinger, P.E. - City Of St. Cloud; Rob Denis, P.E. and Brian Megic, P.E. - Liquid Solutions Group, LLC; Edward Talton, Jr., P.E. - Reiss Engineering, Inc.


Implementation of a WCTS Hydraulic Model to Prioritize and Improve Infiltration/Inflow Rehabilitation Projects
Andres Gomez Bonvecchio, Pradeep Nagarajan, P.E. and Yi Jiang, Ph.D. - AECOM Water; Josenrique Cueto, P.E. and Miguel Jimenez, P.E. - Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department



One Year of Eliminating DBPs and the Lessons Learned Disinfecting with Chlorine Dioxide
Lance Littrell, P.E., Steve Romano, P.E. Rhea Dorris, E.I., Gina Parra, E.I. - Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. and Maurice Gallarda, P.E., Joe Kuhns, Gregory Peck and Garth Armstrong - Pluris Wedgefield, Inc.


Net Blue - Water Neutral Growth from the Alliance for Water Efficiency
Bill Christiansen - AWE


A Framework for Regulating Raw Water Augmentation - Results Form a Pathogen Benchmarking Study
Andrea Netcher, P.E., Ph.D., Dave MacNevin, P.E., Ph.D. and Matt Azarian, E.I. - Tetra Tech

Securing the SCADA Interconnect: An Approach for Securing Remote Access and Data Exchange
Bob George - Tetra Tech

Developing an Efficient Flushing Program for Water Conservation and Quality
Cameron Crandell, P.E. - City of St. Cloud, David Yonge, Ph.D. and Saheb Mansour-Rezaei, Ph.D. - Jones Edmunds


Tampa Bay Water Offset Expansion Program
Dave Bracciano - Tampa Bay Water


Operational Guidance for the Application of Biofiltration In Potable Reuse
Samantha Black, EIT, Ph.D., Chance Lauderdale, P.E., Ph.D., Pete D’Adamo, P.E., Ph.D., and Christina Alito, P.E., Ph.D. - HDR


Gravity Sewer System Rehabilitation Savings Using GIS
Janine M. Alexander, P.E. - Tetra Tech and Tim Noyes - Toho Water Authority


Fighting Back: Addressing Distribution System Water Quality through Comprehensive Action Plans
Melissa Brunger, P.E., Scott Cole, P.E., and Geneva Caponi, E.I. - Freese and Nichols, Inc.


Central Florida Initiative Conservation Update - Regional Planning Collaborative
Jim Harmon, SFWMD







Potable Reuse Testing:  O3/BAF vs. UF/RO on Two Source Waters
Ryan Popko, P.E. - JEA and Colin Hobbs, Ph.D., P.E. - CDM Smith

Using Technology to Replace Aging Infrastructure in Tight Spaces

Brett T. Messner, P.E. and Danny Nelson, P.E. - Tetra Tech, Inc.


Smart Tanks – Advanced Distribution Water Quality Management Strategies
Robin Giguere, Ph.D., Andy Seidel, Tom Caulfield and Pete Kyrkos - UGSI Solutions


Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept.: Declining Per Capita through Planning and Implementation of Water Conservation Strategies
Patrick Martin - Miami Dade County



Studying the Removal of 1,4-Dioxane in a Nanofiltration And Reverse Osmosis Membrane Process
Carlyn Higgins and Steven Duranceau, Ph.D., P.E. - University of Central Florida

Applying GIS and Business Intelligence Tools to Support More Effective Utility Management
Jayson Brennen and Andy Baranowski - CDM Smith

A New Water Age Quantification Approach to Better Evaluate Project Impacts

Alejandro Solanilla, E.I., Edward Talton, Jr., P.E., and Mark Burgess, P.E. - Reiss Engineering, Inc.; Quyen Newell, P.E. and Brad Jewell, P.E. - Orlando Utilities Commission




Cluster of Updates or Conservation Snippets -  Florida Friendly Landscaping Water Savings, EPA WaterSense V 2, Florida Water Star, H2OSAV



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