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FSAWWA Online Training

FSAWWA is pleased to offer web-based training! FSAWWA’s online training platform offers training, professional development and continuing education units via the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Learn on your own time and at your own pace.


The following courses are currently available.

  • Laboratory Training
    Price for each class - $45.00

    Filtering, Mixing and Sampling (0.15 CEUs / 1.5 PDHs)
    Glassware and Pipetting (0.15 CEUs / 1.5 PDHs)
    Math and the Metric System (0.15 CEUs / 1.5 PDHs)
    Safety Practices (0.10 CEUs / 1.0 PDHs)
    Standard Lab Equipment and pH Measurement (0.20 CEUs / 2.0 PDHs)
    Understanding Data and SQC (0.10 CEUs / 1.0 PDHs)
    Weighing and Use of Syringes (0.15 CEUs / 1.5 PDHs)


The following classes are currently under review and are unavailable.
As these courses become available, we will publish announcements.

  • Engineering Laws & Rules and Engineering Ethics

  • OSHA
    Concrete Construction (0.15 CEUs / 1.5 PDHs)
    Cranes (0.25 CEUs / 2.5 PDHs)
    Demolition (0.25 CEUs / 2.5 PDHs)
    Electrical (0.25 CEUs / 2.5 PDHs)
    Excavations (0.25 CEUs / 2.5 PDHs)
    Fall Protection and Ladder Safety (0.30 CEUs / 3.0 PDHs)
    Fire Protection (0.20 CEUs / 2.0 PDHs)
    Overview (0.30 CEUs / 3.0 PDHs)
    PPE and Material Handling (0.20 CEUs / 2.0 PDHs)
    Scaffolding (0.30 CEUs / 3.0 PDHs)
    Signs and Motor Vehicles (0.25 CEUs / 2.5 PDHs)
    Steel Erection (0.25 CEUs / 2.5 PDHs)
    Tools (0.20 CEUs / 2.0 PDHs)
    Welding (0.20 CEUs / 2.0 PDHs)


One-Time Special Offer - 5 classes for $150.00. 

Software Requirements

Before choosing a course, please take a moment to be sure you have the necessary software to proceed.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Please click here to verify your installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here to download and install it for free.

Adobe Flash Player

Please click here to verify your installation of Adobe Flash Player.
If you do not have Adobe Flash Player, please click here to download and install it for free.

Internet Browser Requirements

Please note: These classes are best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
If you do not have Microsoft Internet Explorer, please click here to download and install it for free.


To Register & Pay Tuition - Click Here

Before you register, please note:

1.  If you are a new student, please click the above link to pay your tuition before proceeding with your online courses. (If you have technical issues, proceed to step 2 and call Casey at 407-979-4806 regarding payment.)

2.  If you are a returning student and have already paid your tuition, please click here to connect to our training site. When you and enter your username and password, you will be able to access your existing courses. Note: the username and password on our training site will be different than the one you may have at

3.  Once you log in, click the Class Catalog link on the left side of the window under Menu Tools.

4.  Click the Enroll icon next to the class you wish to take.

5.  Click the Enroll Now button. (Soon after enrolling you will receive an invoice via email if you have not already paid.)

6.  Click Return to Student Home.

7.  Click the Enter icon for the class you chose to enroll in.

8.  Click the Introduction link and proceed with the class.


Should you experience any technical difficulties, please contact Casey Cumiskey at 407-979-4806 or


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