Membership Engagement
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Membership Engagement Committee

Larry K. Miller, Jr.
Membership Engagement Committee Chair
St. Johns County Utility Dept.




The purpose of the Membership Engagement Committee is to recruit new Association members and attempt to prevent the "drop-out" of current members. This Committee is concerned with recruitment and retention of all categories of membership. Other activities include: A state-wide event during Membership Appreciation, an ad in the Florida Water Resources Journal, a member retention campaign with prizes and incentives, and a welcome package for new members. These are all goals the Committee has set for themselves. The value of two Committee representatives attending the Annual Membership Matters Summit has been recognized as an asset to the group and the Section as a whole.

The Membership Engagement Committee will be hard at work achieving the goals set forth in the 2018 Presidential Challenge.

Membership is a vital function within AWWA, and in order to succeed with growth and perpetuation of our membership body, we need a group of energetic and innovative thinkers. If you are interested in joining this Committee, please contact Larry at

Current Membership Offers

  • Young Professionals Membership Dues for new members are $139. Click here to download an application.

  • Operator Membership Dues for new members are $25. Click here to download an application.

  • Students in Florida join free! Click here to download an application.

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