Florida 2040
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Lisa Wilson-Davis
Florida 2040 Committee Chair
City of Boca Raton




  • Reclaimed Water Committee
  • Climate Change Committee 
  • Desalination Committee
  • Governance Funding Committee
  • Surface Water Committee
  • Utilities WMD FDEP Partnership Committee
  • Water Conservation Committee
  • Water Resource Management Committee
  • Transfer Allocation Committee

For Florida 2030/2040 Committee Task Force - CLICK HERE

Upcoming Events




FL2030 Handbook (November 2009) - CLICK HERE

FL2030 Issue Booklets (March 2009) - CLICK HERE

Third Annual Report Century Commission Final - CLICK HERE

Draft Issue Papers

FL2030 Reclaimed Water - CLICK HERE

FL2030 Climate Change - CLICK HERE

FL2030 Desalination - CLICK HERE

FL2030 Governance Funding - CLICK HERE

FL2030 Surface Water - CLICK HERE

FL2030 Utilities WMD FDEP Partnership - CLICK HERE

FL2030 Water Conservation - CLICK HERE

FL2030 Water Resource Management - CLICK HERE

FL2030 Transfer Allocation - CLICK HERE

Water Congress Keynote Speaker

FL2030 Water Congress Keynote - CLICK HERE

Review Comments

FL2030 Review Synthesis - CLICK HERE



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