Florida 2040
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 Florida 2040 

Florida 2040 Committee Chair
Lisa Wilson-Davis
City of Boca Raton


Reclaimed Water Committee
Climate Change Committee 
Desalination Committee
Governance Funding Committee
Surface Water Committee
Utilities WMD FDEP Partnership Committee
Water Conservation Committee
Water Resource Management Committee
Transfer Allocation Committee

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Upcoming Events




FL2030 Handbook (November 2009)

FL2030 Issue Booklets (March 2009)

Third Annual Report Century Commission - Final 

Draft Issue Papers

FL2030 Reclaimed Water
FL2030 Climate Change
FL2030 Desalination
FL2030 Governance Funding
FL2030 Surface Water
FL2030 Utilities WMD FDEP Partnership
FL2030 Water Conservation
FL2030 Water Resource Management
FL2030 Transfer Allocation

Water Congress Keynote Speaker

FL2030 Water Congress Keynote

Review Comments

FL2030 Review Synthesis



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