2014 Mentoring Program
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Mentoring Program

Now for the latest initiative – FSAWWA Mentoring Program. Our Section has identified a shortcoming that hurts membership recruitment and retention: Too much time elapses between a member signing up and then becoming fully integrated into the association. Those members that don’t “connect” “disconnect”. Recruiting members must be followed by a strong retention effort.

Opportunities abound for new members to participate in ways that makes a difference. But connecting new members with those opportunities hasn’t been effective for all our new members. A mentoring of new members by “veterans” was chosen as the best way to facilitate that effort.

At the Section’s Strategic Planning Retreat this past October, eighteen members began the inaugural class of mentors. Nine pairs are connected as mentor/mentee. They are talking, emailing, meeting face-to-face, eating together, and most importantly are sharing knowledge, wisdom, and contacts. Guidelines for effective pairings and ideas for personal contacts are being assembled for an expanded program beginning in the New Year.

Please give serious consideration for your participation as a mentor or mentee! Mentoring form - click here

Also, please feel free to contact me anytime this year. I would enjoy talking with any of our members or prospective members. Your Section is as open as ever to new ideas to better serve our primary purpose: supplying safe, reliable, and affordable drinking water to the citizens of the State of Florida!

Carl R. Larrabee, Jr.