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Allen B. Roberts, Jr. Award For Outstanding
Service To Florida Section AWWA

This award is named in honor of Allen B. Roberts, Jr., who worked diligently as the Section's Executive Director to improve the status of the Florida Section by providing valuable leadership.

The following individuals have contributed most to the Section, by providing valuable support of Section programs through outstanding leadership, creativity and service in the water-related fields; particularly to the resolution of problems and the implementation of activities within the Section and Association.

2018 Lisa Wilson-Davis
2017 Pamela London-Exner
2016 Steve Soltau
2015 Dr. Fred Bloetscher
2014 Patrick Lehman
2013 Kimberly Kunihiro
2012 Kim Kowalski
2011 Marvin Kaden
2010 Ari Copeland
2009 Richard Ratcliffe
2008 Charles Carden
2007 Carl Larrabee
2006 Luis Aguiar
  Leda Amador
  Richard Anderson
  Michael Bailey
  Richard Coates
  Ana Maria Gonzalez
  Bobbie Hinde
  Jeff Nash
  Richard Ratcliffe
  Jacqueline Torbert
2005 Marjorie Craig
2004 Charlie Voss
2003 David Wheeler
2002 Jacqueline Torbert
2001 Glenn Yaney
2000 Pete Robinson
1999 David Tippin
1998 Cliff Russell
1997 Larry Ruffin
1996 Timothy P. Brodeur
  Peter E. Robinson
1995 James T. Cowgill
  Richard Coates
1994 Patrick J. Gleason
1993 Luis Aguiar
1992 Malachi C. Bennett, III
  Warren P. Wagner
1991 Andrea Pauley
1990 Mark A. Biggers
1989 Robert F. Carr
1988 A. Raymond Boyd
1987 William H. Stephenson
1986 Allen B. Roberts
1985 Robert Schilling
1984 David L. Crowson
1983 Everett C. Kinloch
1982 Kenneth M. Drury
1981 James S. Taylor
1980 Ellis K. Phelps
1979 Thomas K. Mueller
1978 Alvin R. Murphy