2019 Fall Conference - Tuesday Sessions
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Tuesday Sessions



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Building in Resiliency


Water Quality

Groundwater Sustainability Challenges

Richard Gallant, E.I.

Karla Berroteran

Paul Chadik, PhD, P.E.

Paul Biscardi, PhD, P.E.

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Active Resiliency Through Distributed Energy Generation & Storage
Charles Moseley - Black & Veatch and Ilya Tabakh, PhD - SunCrate Energy

A Regulatory Perspective on Concentrate Management in Florida

Christine Owen - Hazen and Sawyer

Is Our Copper Piping Going Down The Drain?
James Christopher and Stephen Rousseau - Tetra Tech, Inc.; and Fred Hemerick and Charles McAbee - City of Clearwater


Evaluation of the Lower Floridan Aquifer for Future Brackish Water Supply in Central Florida
George Schlutermann - Southwest Florida Water Management District; Amanda Berens - Jacobs Enginnering; and Peter Larkin - ASRus, LLC


The Importance of Climate Downscaled Projections and Mechanisms to Mitigate Uncertainty Through Scenario Planning, Adaptive Pathways and Decision Scaling Methods for Utility Planning and Operations

Carlos Tamayo - AECOM


Experience with Concentrate Disposal Permitting

Ed Weinberg, PWS - EW Consultants, Inc.

Dealing with Widespread PFAS Contamination
David D. Peters - City of Stuart, Mark D. Miller, P.E. and Evan Ghidella, E.I. - Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Reuse, Replenish, Recover – The Potential of Using Alternative Water Supplies for ASR and MAR in North Pinellas County
David T. Yonge, PhD, P.E. and  Tom Friedrich, P.E. - Jones Edmunds & Associates; Michael Weatherby, P.G. - HydroGeo Consulting, LLC; Dave Adams, P.G. - Pinellas County Utilities; and Mark McNeal, P.G. - ASRus, LLC


Operationalizing Flood Design Guidelines for a Multi-Billion Dollar Infrastructure Capital Improvement Program

Enrique Vadiveloo, P.E. - Hazen & Sawyer and Debbie Griner - Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department

Concentrate as a Resource

Harold Fravel - American Membrane Technology Association

 Ion Exchange Processes for Drinking Water Treatment
Daniel Whalen and Steven Duranceau, PhD, P.E. - University of Central Florida

Wellfield Performance Evaluation and Prioritization of Improvements
Kirk Martin P.G. and Andrew McThenia, P.G. - Water Science Associates; Justin Martin, P.E. and Sonia Iszler - City of Marco Island Water and Sewer Department








Resilient Utilities Dashboard - Meeting Future Water Vulnerability through Adaptive Management
Carolina Maran and Katie Lelis - Broward County

Concentrate Disposal Considerations for In-Land Desalination: A Comparison of Case Studies from Florida and Texas

Jarrett Kinslow, P.E. Tetra Tech

Color Related Water Quality Issues? – A Utility’s Path to Finding the Correct Solution
Nita Naik, P.E., Sean Chaparro, P.E. and Sean Pitcher - Arcadis

The Resurrection of Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Miami-Dade County
Virginia Walsh, P.G., PhD - Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department and Edward Rectenwald, P.G. - Black & Veatch


Improving Climate Change Resilience of Municipal Wastewater Infrastructure
Da Yu and Edward Talton, P.E. - Reiss Engineering, Inc. and Nancy Gassman, PhD - City of Fort Lauderdale

Case Study of the Boca WTP and the Current Concentrate Disposal Method

Rick Chamness - City of Boca Raton

Disinfection By-Products Control For A Small System
Tulsi Shukla, Steven Duranceau, PhD, P.E., Dale Lance, David Ruggiero, and Gary Rudolph - University of Central Florida

Can Updating the National ASR Survey Provide a Means to Predict Success of Future Aquifer Storage and Recovery Systems?
Frederick Bloetscher - Florida Atlantic University and Chi Ho Sham - Eastern Energy Group




1:30 - 3:30 PM - How to Address Infrastructure Needs Now!
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Resiliency and Sanitary Sewers

Potable Reuse

Information to Build in Resiliency - SCADA Saves the Day

Water Supply Planning Solutions

Emilie Moore, P.E.

Deborah Beatty, P.E.

Steven King, P.E.

Christine Ellenberger, P.E.

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Weathering the Storm: Keeping Your Lift Stations Clear in Emergency Conditions

Jason Warren, P.E. - Tetra Tech, Inc.; David Nowell and Laura Woodbury - Orange County Utilities

Septic to Sewer for Commercial and Industrial Corridors in Miami-Dade County Yields a Safer Water Supply
Annalise Mannix, Christopher A. Zavatsky, and Ken Caban - Tetra Tech

Machine-Intelligent Technology Using Low Voltage Conductivity to Locate and Measure Pipeline Leaks
Chuck Hansen and Michael Condran, P.E. - Electro Scan Inc.

Alternative Water Supply and Water Conservation Projects Included into Regional Water Supply Plans: An Economic Analysis

Tatiana Borisova - University of Florida; Matthew Cutillo and Krystle Hoenstine - Economic and Demographic Research


Hillsborough County Wet Well Dilemma: Fall Protection Evaluation and Implementation at 830 Pump Stations
Brian Lewis, David Fox, and Nicholas Eckhardt - Black & Veatch

Achieving the Intent of a Pilot Scale Study Utilizing a Full-Scale Demonstration for an Indirect Potable Reuse Project
Chuck Weber, P.E. and  Seung Park, P.E. - City of Tampa, David Ammerman, P.E., Sarah Burns, P.E.,  and Tyler Smith Semago, P.E. - Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Evaluation of Energy Use and Optimization Strategies for the City of Venice’s Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
Steven King - Black and Veatch; Ryan Eck, Lucas Botero, and John Banks

Water for a Thirsty Florida – A Regional Approach
Kathleen N. Gierok, P.E.; Greg Taylor, P.E.; Benjamin Yoakum, E.I.T,  PhD - Wright-Pierce


Annual I&I Mitigation Planning Keeps the City of Altamonte Springs Poised to Handle Storm Events
Eric Gassen and Ed Talton - Reiss Engineering, Inc. and Kipton Lockcuff - City of Altamonte Springs

Negotiating an Uncertain Landscape: Health and Regulatory Considerations for Potable Reuse
Dave MacNevin, Ph.D., P.E. - CDM Smith

 After the Assessment: A Practical Approach to Implementing Cybersecurity
Bob George - Tetra Tech

Peace River Integrated Regional Water Supply Plan: Increasing Reliability Responsibly
Terri Holcomb, P.E. - Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority and Ryan Messer, P.E. - HDR







Innovative Method to Maximize the Water Conservation Impacts of Reclaimed Water Reuse While Increasing Total Revenue
Edward H. Talton, Jr., P.E. - Reiss Engineering, Inc.

Adaptation in the Face of Adversity: The Persistent Trend of Membranes in Water Reuse
Jennifer Ribotti, P.E. and James Christopher, P.E. - Tetra Tech

Addressing Customer Affordability Through Integrated Intelligent Water Systems
James Tanner and Robert Ryall - Arcadis U.S. Inc.

Polk County’s Water Facility Consolidation Journey:  The Central Regional Utility Service Area (CRUSA) Water Production Facility

Mark Addison, P.E. and Steve Whidden - Polk County Utilities; Ervin Myers, P.E., Glenn Dunkelberger, P.E., Lawrence Rolle, P.E., and Ed Talton, P.E. - Reiss Engineering, Inc.


Water Balances and Hydraulic Analysis: Maximizing the Beneficial Use of Reclaimed Water Through Seasonal Changes and Growth
Kirsten Burns and David Ammerman - Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Natural Contaminant Attenuation During Reclaimed Water Aquifer Recharge (Destin, Florida)
Robert G. Maliva - Florida Gulf Coast University, Scott Manahan - WSP, and Monica Autrey - CIty of Destin

Using Satellite RADAR Imaging to Detect Pipeline Leaks in Hilton Head – A Case Study
James Perry - Utilis

To the Aquifer and Beyond! A Path for Expanding the City of Port St. Lucie’s Water Supply Portfolio
Andrea Netcher, P.E., PhD and James Christopher, P.E. - Tetra Tech; Brad Macek and John Eason, P.E. - City of Port St. Lucie; and GJ Schers - Jacobs



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