2019 Fall Conference - Wednesday Sessions
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Wednesday Sessions



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Case Studies in Water Treatment Advances

Innovative Water Pipe Solutions


Water Distribution

What's in your Conservation Portfolio - Current Programs and Trends and Future Projections

Steven King, P.E.

Michael Demko

Jay Madigan
Deirdre Irwin
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Water Treatment Resiliency - Can Your Plant Handle What is Coming?
Rebecca Slabaugh, P.E., Nita Naik, P.E. and Sean Chaparro, P.E. - Arcadis U.S., Inc.


City of Taylor Embraces Pre-Chlorinated Pipe Bursting and Directional Drilling
Kelly McRobb-Ackland, P.E. - Wade Trim


Updates in Second Edition of AWWA M55 HDPE
Amster Howard

Water Demand and the Economy: Lessons Learned from the Great Recession
Dr. Jack Kiefer - Hazen and Sawyer Inc.


Scale Inhibitor Dosage: How Low Can You Go?
Carlyn Higgins and Dr. Steven Duranceau, PhD, P.E. - University of Central Florida

Legionella Building Water Management and the Local Water Utility: Proactive Approaches that can Reduce End-User Risk
Alex LeBeau

Sustainability of Lower Energy Costs by Utilization of Proper Pipeline Materials
John Simpson - McWane Inc.

Climate Change and Water Conservation
Dr. Chris Martinez - University of Florida and Florida Water and Climate Alliance



Lime Softening - the Forgotten Technology: Optimization Case Studies from South Florida
Tyler Smith Semago, P.E., Vinnie Hart, P.E., and Jennifer Stokke Nyfennegger, P.E. - Carollo Engineers, Inc., and Juan Guevarez - City of Boynton Beach


The Economic Advantage of Critical Valve Assessment and Rehabilitation
Brad Gresham - Wachs Water Services


A More Perfect Union – Improving Design through Distribution System Modeling
Kristen Cartwright and Richard Weatherly - Freese and Nichols, Inc.

Landscaping and Conservation in Alachua County (Recent Code Updates)
Rebecca Hoffmann - Alachua County Environmental Protection







Reverse Osmosis to Nanofiltration Membrane Conversion: A Case Study of the Village of Wellington’s Water Treatment
Matthew Tebow, P.E., John Potts, P.E. - Kimley-Horn; Shannon LaRocque, P.E. - Village of Wellington

Method to Evaluate Fatigue Life Calculations in PVC Pipe

Steven Folkman - Utah State University and Jay Parvez, EIT - Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association


Evaluating a Novel Treatment Process for the Control of Total Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic Acids in Potable Water
Angela B. Rodriguez - Hazen & Sawyer Inc. and Steven Duranceau, PhD, P.E. - University of Central Florida


University of Florida, Soil and Water Sciences Research Advances in Water Conservation

Accelerating Soil Formation for Irrigation Conservation in New Landscapes
Dr. Eban Bean - University of Florida

Compost Topdressing as an Alternative Landscaping Practice
AJ Reisinger - University of Florida

Impact on Water Use of Rain Sensor and High Efficiency Nozzle Installations
Dr. Michael Dukes - University of Florida

H2OSAV: Moving from Data to Insights
Dr. Nick Taylor - University of Florida


Operation and Maintenance Comparative Assessment of Co-located Nanofiltration, Lime Softening and Low-Pressure Reverse Osmosis Systems at the Norwood Water Treatment Plant
Veronica Llaneza, Ph.D., Moises Sierra Ortiz, Carlos Carrazana, and Cristina Ortega-Castineiras, P.E. - Jacobs; Jafeth Baez, P.E. - City of North Miami Beach

Innovative Technologies to Manage Aging Infrastructure
Ayu Sari, Erez Allouche, Pete Perciavalle, Laith Alfaqih, Joan Oppenheimer, Russ Snow, Joseph G. Jacangelo, Carla Cherchi, Sangeeta Dhulashia, and Sussette Irizarry - Stantec

Providing Resiliency in the Operation of a Transmission System

Stefano Ceriana - Reiss Engineering Inc. and Ed Gil de Rubio - South Seminole & North Orange County Wastewater Transmission Authority




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