Region Chairs
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Personal information of the Region Chairs
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David Roberts
Region I Chair (North Central Florida)
City of Tallahassee

Angela Bryan
Region II Chair (Northeast Florida)
Four Waters Engineering, Inc.

Rhea Dorris
Region III Chair (Central Florida)
Kimley-Horn & Associates

Kenneth Broome
Region IV Chair (West Central Florida)

Karen Miller
Region V Chair (Southwest Florida)

Monique Durand
Region VI Chair (Southeast Florida)
Hazen & Sawyer, P.C.

Austin P'Pool
Region VII Chair (South Florida)
The Corradino Group

Richard Schoenborn
Region VIII Chair (East Central Florida)
City of Port St. Lucie

Alicia Keeter
Region IX Chair (West Florida Panhandle)
South Walton Utility Co., Inc.

Ann Lee
Region X Chair (West Central Florida)
Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority

Elizabeth McAlister
Region XI Chair (North Florida)
University of Florida Utilities & Energy Services

Sean Lathrop
Region XII Chair (Central Florida Panhandle)
Bay County Utility Services