Scholarship - Roy W. Likins
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About the Roy W. Likins Scholarship

Roy Likins was a life-long member of AWWA. He served as president of Palm Coast Utility Corporation for six years and served the utility in various capacities for 16 years. He was a leader in the water industry, serving as chair of the FW&PCOA Region IX and on various state committees with the primary focus on education and training. In 1972, he hosted the Florida Water Resources Conference and later served as secretary / treasurer and chair of the Florida Section. In 1982, he received the prestigious AWWA George Warren Fuller award. Roy was also a strong and active member of his community, serving in the Jaycees, Flagler County Shrine Club, as a member and chair of the School Board, and as treasurer and Chair of the United Way.

After his untimely death in 1991 at the age of 53, the Florida Section honored his service and his memory by naming its scholarship program the Roy W. Likins Scholarship.

Each year, the Likins Scholarship Committee awards a minimum of $2,500 to a maximum of $25,000 in scholarships. The scholarships are distributed in $2,500 or more increments to deserving Florida students, either in undergraduate or graduate school.

Members of the Scholarship Committee are:

  • Steve Soltau, Chair
  • Marjorie Craig, Past Chair
  • Dr. Will Lovins
  • Charlie Voss
  • Rebecca Olivia
  • Cristina Ortega-Castineiras

The Likins Scholarship Fund is maintained by the FSAWWA Treasurer in an account separate from the General Fund. The fund is managed by the Likins Scholarship Fund Board. Board members for the year 2020 are:

  • Steve Soltau, FSAWWA Scholarship Committee Chair
  • Marjorie Craig, FSAWWA Treasurer
  • Ana Maria Gonzalez, FSAWWA Section Director
  • Richard Anderson, FSAWWA Finance Committee Chair

For more information contact Likins Chair:

Steve Soltau, MBA
P: (727) 453-6990



The Florida Section American Water Works Association will annually award up to $2,500 scholarships or more per student to eligible students pursuing a degree relating to the drinking water industry. The scholarship will provide reimbursement of tuition, books, and fees through the College/University Financial Aid Department over the upcoming two (2) year period. Scholarships will be awarded in both undergraduate and graduate categories.


  • Applicant must be an upper level undergraduate (over 65 credit hours) or graduate student enrolled in an accredited Florida Institution and currently majoring in an area related to the drinking water industry.

  • Applicant must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average based on a 4.0 system.

  • Previous scholarship recipients are not eligible.
  • Online application
  • Complete the attached application form    

  • Enclose official college transcript(s) for undergraduate and graduate courses.

  • Enclose two letters of recommendation.

  • Enclose a brief letter describing your interest in the FSAWWA scholarship.

Email application to Steve Soltau at

Or mail the documents to:

Steve Soltau, MBA
Pinellas County Utilities
6730 142nd Ave. N
Largo, FL 33771

Selection Process

  • Evaluation will be made on the basis of academic performance, work experience, community and civic activities, honor, career goals, letters of recommendation, and evidence of leadership, motivation, character, and self-reliance.

  • At the option of the Scholarship Committee, the top five candidates may be telephone interviewed by a member of the scholarship committee.

  • Scholarship recipients will be selected by the Scholarship Committee of the Florida Section American Water Works Association.

  • Final Selection: Committee will make final selection of scholarship awardees by August 1st yearly.

Roy W. Likins Scholarship Recipients

Year Recipient Institution
2019 Courtney Powell University of Central Florida
  Daniel Cardona University of Central Florida
  Salome Montoya University of Central Florida
  Angel Villarruel-Moore University of Central Florida
  Debbie Fulton St. Leo
  Quinn Zacharias University of Florida
  Nathaniel Winn University of West Florida
  Carlos Cabrejos Florida International University
  Marcus Seidman Florida Atlantic University
  Gary Qui University of Florida
  Elizabeth Patton University of Florida
  Daniel Eagan University of South Florida
2018 Rahamat Tanvir Florida Atlantic University
  Austin Wise Florida Gulf Coast University
  Tulsi Shukla University of Central Florida 
  Daniel A. Whalen  University of Central Florida
  Paola Mendoza-Perilla University of Florida
  Paul Haskins University of Florida
  Tatiana Konstanti University of Florida

Madison Rice
University of South Florida 
  Estenia Ortiz University of South Florida
  Nadezhda Zalivina University of South Florida
 2017 Sandra Un Jan Florida Gulf Coast University
  Andreia Paulino Florida Gulf Coast University
  Matthew Clark University of Central Florida
  Maria Arenas University of Central Florida
  Paul Staubus University of Central Florida
  Madeley Paola Arriola Guerrero University of Flofida
  Maria Camilla Chavez University of Florida
  Helene Kassouf University of South Florida
  Erica Amah Dasi University of South Florida
2016  Monica Autrey Troy University
  Cove Capodice University of South Florida
  Martin Coleman University of Central Florida
  Jessica Cormier University of Central Florida
  Alysse Ness University of Florida
  Kevin Orner University of South Florida
  Semberial Strong University of South Florida
  Benjamin Yoakum University of Central Florida
Jerrine Foster
University of Florida

Richard Gallant
Florida Atlantic University

Ryan Graydon
University of South Florida

Carlyn Higgins
University of Central Florida

Lindsey Koren
University of Florida 

Kelly Landry
University of Florida

Ann Sager
University of South Florida 
2014 Andrew Johnson Florida Gulf Coast University

Paul Biscardi University of Central Florida

Yue Hu University of Florida

Tracy Fanara University of Florida

Colleen Baublitz University of Florida

Eric Antmann  University of Miami

Raul Velarde University of Miami

Laurel Smith University of South Florida
2013 Andrew Cone University of Florida

Joseph Goodall University of Florida

Lauren Shuler University of Florida

Hugo R. Sindelar University of Florida

David T. Yonge University of Central Florida
2012 Amy Borello University of Florida

Andrea Cumming University of Central Florida

Heather Elsner University of Florida

Katherine Graf University of Florida

Pedro Palomino University of Florida

Laura Vogel University of Miami
2011 Gabriel Maul University of Florida

Miguel Morales University of Florida

Christine Zarrilli Florida Atlantic University
2010 Dustin Tyler Woods University of Central Florida

Stephanie Kino Ishii University of Florida

Janice C. Bennett University of Florida
2009 Christina O. Castineiras University of Miami 

Vito Trupiano University of Central Florida

Aaron Woods  University of Florida 
2008 Christine Akly University of Florida

Jennifer Apell University of Florida

Karen Kajder University of Miami
2007 Russell Ferlita University of South Florida

Erik Sibila University of Miami
2006 Julie Armstrong University of Miami

William Kostedt University of Florida

Erica Stone University of Central Florida
2005 Jamie Fraser Florida Atlantic Unversity

Kevin Lee University of Florida

David MacNevin University of Central Florida

Rebecca McLarty University of Florida
2004 Jorge Arevalo University of Central Florida

Mary Durbin University of Miami

Veronica Kent University of Central Florida

Ameena Khan University of Florida
2003 Morgana Bach University of Florida

Drew Coleman University of Florida

Jie Gao University of South Florida

Anand Mody University of South Florida
Jennifer Cannon
University of Central Florida
Gerardo Castaneda
University of Florida
Shannon Roberts
University of South Florida
Steve Soltau
University of Phoenix
Erik Howard
University of Florida
Piotr Michalouski
Florida State University
Joseph A. Cimino
University of South Florida
Rebecca J. Hecht
University of South Florida
Rena J. Upshaw
University of Central Florida
Sheila Gray
University of South Florida
Mickal Witwer
Gregorio B. Chavarria
Colin Hobs
William A. Lovins, III
Brian Rolingson
Wells Wei-Shih Wu
Marjorie Guillory Craig
 University of South Florida
Bill Young
Debra Seligman
Maurico Zepeda
Amy Dunkelberger
Steve Duranceau


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