Technical & Education Finance & Rates Committee
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Finance and Rates Committee

The Finance and Rates Committee focuses on discussing, collaborating, and sharing information regarding new developments and best practices for establishing retail and wholesale water and wastewater rates and charges. The Committee also focuses on the impacts of state laws and regulations, regional issues, as well as national issues impacting development of water and wastewater rates and charges in Florida. In addition to rates and charges, the Committee also engages in discussion around significant management issues impacting the water and wastewater industry.

Members of the Finance and Rates Committee typically come from municipalities, political subdivisions of the state, non-profit and for-profit utility corporations, and consultants to these entities. There are no restrictions on Committee membership; however, Committee members are required to hold membership in FSAWWA.

Our goal is to meet in person at each of Florida's two annual water conferences: the FSAWWA Annual Fall Conference and the spring Florida Water Resource Conference. From time to time and as opportunity emerges, the Committee will engage in preparing a conference workshop, technical session, or other training programs.

In addition to attending the two annual meetings, there are other ways to get involved with this important Committee. We are certainly happy to have volunteers.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about opportunities for becoming more involved with this Committee, please contact our Chair, Tony Hairston, or Vice Chair, Robert Ryall.

Focus Areas

  • Financial Advisory Services - The most significant challenge facing utility systems across the county is the funding of needed infrastructure renewal, repair, and replacement. This area focuses on general financial issues as they relate to water and wastewater utilities such as: capital funding, financing alternatives, debt issuance, ratings and going to market, state revolving loans, and Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Authority (WIFIA).

  • Rates and Charges - The development of rates and charges includes consideration of local factors such as: the legal environment, regional weather, customer characteristics, affordability considerations, water supply, and wastewater discharges options.  It is important for local industry professionals to have access to and understand what other organizations are experiencing and facing in terms of the development of rates and charges.

  • Management - In addition to traditional finance and rate issues, the Committee is a platform for members to discuss management issues facing the industry. Managers in the water and wastewater industry are experiencing a changing environment including: regulatory challenges, capital funding needs, succession planning, water supply shortages, elimination of effluent discharge options, and a declining industrial customer base. The Committee is a resource for members to discuss these issues and understand how the industry is reacting.

Technical Library

Workshop Presentations - CLICK HERE

Committee Members/Volunteers

Tony Hairston

Vice Chair
Robert Ryall


We are soliciting members and volunteers to help advance this newly formed Committee. For more information on joining the Finance and Rates Committee or to learn about our next meeting, please contact our Chair or Vice Chair.


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