Water Equation
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Water Equation (WE) Committee 

Kristen Sealey
FSAWWA Water Equation Committee Chair:
Gainesville Regional Utilities




Year group was formed: November 2018

AWWA Water Equation was founded in 2015 to “fund the future of water” by supporting and funding workforce advancement, scholarships, young professionals, and THE Community Engineering Corps. Specifically, WE helps fund the following programs:

One AWWA Operator Scholarship - WE addresses the issue of a retiring workforce through its One AWWA operator scholarship. Matching funds to AWWA sections provide books, tuition, education, and certification training to operators at water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Academic Scholarships - The AWWA Academic Scholarship Program is a partnership with corporations to provide educational funding for students who want to join the water industry. WE raises funds for the Abel Wolman Fellowship and Larson Scholarship, while the bulk of the scholarships are funded by corporate partners.

Youth, Student, and Young Professional Programs – WE provides funding for youth, student, and young professional programs. WE funds the annual AWWA Young Professionals (YP) Leader Training Day, which is held one day ahead of the YP Summit to provide networking and professional development for the next generation. Additionally, one of WE’s newest programs is Women for Water Circle of Giving that provides funding for youth programming in the water industry for students in grades K-12.

Community Engineering Corps - Community Engineering Corps is an alliance among AWWA, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Engineers Without Borders-USA to bring underserved communities and volunteer engineers together to advance local infrastructure solutions in the United States. WE raises funding to support AWWA volunteer project teams that assist communities with addressing water and wastewater system issues.

Scope of Work:

Being fairly young, an important goal of the FSAWWA Water Equation Committee is to spread awareness about AWWA’s newest philanthropy, Water Equation (WE).  Other objectives of the committee include organizing Florida Section WE fundraisers, supporting regions with their local WE activities, and bringing programs that WE supports to the Florida Section and our members.

Recent Accomplishments:

  1. The FSAWWA WE Committee had a strong first year. Long- and near-term goals were established in early spring and the committee organized several noteworthy events at the FSAWWA Fall Conference:

  2. The Florida Section had its first WE fundraiser, “Battle of the Florida School Flags,, at the membership booth. This friendly competition helped spread awareness about WE’s mission, while raising money for its programs.

  3. A Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) “What’s in My Backyard” workshop was facilitated by Steve Barr, AWWA community engineering programs manager. Participants learned about the CECorps project process and best practices, and were given tools on how to develop and implement a CECorps project in Florida.

  4. The Florida Section had the pleasure of welcoming Michelle Hektor, AWWA Water Equation senior manager, to the conference. During her visit, Michelle shared information about WE and made connections in the Orlando area in preparation for next year’s AWWA’sAnnual Conference, ACE20.AWWA Water Equation will host its second annual WE Golf Tournament at ACE on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

  5. In addition to the Florida Section efforts, regions around the state organized WE fundraising events throughout 2019, including a Texas Hold’em Round Up, a golf tournament, and a charity night with the Tampa Bay Lightning to name a few.

How to Donate and Join the Cause:

AWWA’s Water Equation is funding the future of water. One hundred percent of your donations benefit WE programming to advance the water industry.  There are different ways to allocate your donation including:

  1. The Greatest Need Fund - A donation to the Greatest Need fund will allow your gift to be designated to the Water Equation program that lacks funding to meet its goals.

  2. Designate Your Donation – You may designate your gift to an AWWA Water Equation program (i.e., One AWWA Operator Scholarship, Wolman and Larson Scholarships, Student and YP leader training, or Community Engineering Corps).

To learn more about the programs WE funds or to make a donation please visit www.fsawwa.org or contact the Florida Section at (407) 979-4804.  Thank you for your contribution!

Committee Members:

Ana Maria Gonzalez
FSAWWA Marketing Committee Chair
Hazen and Sawyer

Kim Kowalski
Wager Company of Florida, Inc.

Ann Lee
FSAWWA Region X Chair
Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority

Jay Madigan
Lake Cane Restoration Society

Gina Parra
FSAWWA Region III Treasurer
Kimley-Horn & Associates

Jackie Torbert
Orange County Utilities

Peggy Guingona
FSAWWA Executive Director


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