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"Quench Buggy and Water Monster Tank"

    Scott Richards
Water Wagon Committee Chair

The purpose of the Water Program Committee is to promote water, conservation and the importance of tap water throughout Florida, with the goal of reaching out to the general public.  Supply a safe and effective method for delivering drinking water to public events (e.g., parades, sporting events, Farmers Markets, Family Nights, conferences, fairs, etc.)

  • Promote the safety of tap water
  • Provide educational outreach for the water profession
  • Promote goodwill
  • Enhance utility image and presence
  • Supply a safe and effective method for delivering drinking water to public events (e.g., environmental/ecological festivals, educational events, earth day, clean-ups, and other large public outreach events.)  

"Quench Buggy" Water Wagon

A Water Wagon is a mobile trailer that serves as a potable water drinking station at public events, connected to a utility system for water supply. These wagons typically have a fun or festive presence to attract attention.  The Subcommittee promotes the Water Wagon within FSAWWA’s Regions in collaboration with utilities and event organizers in the Regions they represent.

"Water Monster Tank"

A more cost-effective solution in providing potable water drinking station at public events. This requires local regions and utilities to assist in the process for events. There are also limitations for events, requiring a water supply within a reasonable distance.  For specific events, use of the Quench Buggy may still be necessary, but with the flexibility and low cost of the Water Monster, more events and smaller events can be covered with little cost. Past or upcoming events include:

  • Kissimmee Utility Authority – First Friday’s movie events
  • Broward County Water Matters Day
  • GRU – various events
  • Annual Baynanza Biscayne Bay Cleanup Day
  • Orlando Pride Fest





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